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泥鳅和龙虾能一起养吗 - Can loach and lobster be raised together?


有一些小孩子是比较喜欢养一些水产的, 因为孩子们对这些校的事物都有一定的好奇心,有一些家长为了让孩子的成长比较丰富,就会将龙虾和泥鳅一起买回家里,就是龙虾和泥鳅在家里能够存活的时间并不长,因为家里的水没有海里的水那种生活环境,那么龙虾和泥鳅能够一起养吗?

泥鳅和龙虾能一起养吗 - Can loach and lobster be raised together?


泥鳅 - 生活习性



泥鳅和龙虾能一起养吗 - Can loach and lobster be raised together?


泥鳅和龙虾能一起养吗 - Can loach and lobster be raised together?


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Some children prefer to raise some aquatic products, because the children have certain curiosity about these school things, and some parents will buy lobster and loach together in order to make their children grow more abundant, that is, lobster and loach can survive at home for a short time, because the water at home. Without the living environment of sea water, can lobster and loach be raised together?

泥鳅和龙虾能一起养吗 - Can loach and lobster be raised together?

No, loach feeds on all kinds of small animals.

Misgurnus anguillicaudatus-life habits

Small bottom fishes. Living in static or slow-flowing water with mud bottom, it has strong adaptability and can live in an environment rich in humus. When the water is hypoxic, intestinal breathing can be carried out, and when the water body dries up, it can also drill into the mud to hide. It feeds on all kinds of small animals. In order to lay eggs in batches, the reproductive period is mainly from May to June. Fertilized eggs adhere to aquatic plants and hatch. The largest individual can reach up to 300 mm, with excellent meat quality. It is one of the export aquatic products.

Misgurnus anguillicaudatus likes to inhabit the bottom of still water, often occurs in lakes, ponds, ditches and paddy fields, which are rich in plant debris, and has strong environmental adaptability. Living water temperature is 10-30 C, the optimum water temperature is 25-27 C, so it should be warm water fish. When the water temperature rises to 30 C, loach will sneak into the mud for moderate summer. When the water temperature drops below 5 C in winter, it will be drilled into the mud 20-30 cm deep for overwintering.

泥鳅和龙虾能一起养吗 - Can loach and lobster be raised together?

Misgurnus anguillicaudatus can breathe not only with gills and skin, but also with special intestinal respiratory function. When the weather is hot or the bottom of pond mud, humus and other substances rot, causing severe hypoxia, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus can jump out of the water surface, or rise vertically to the water surface, directly swallow air with its mouth, while assisted by intestinal wall breathing, when it slowly dives, waste Gas is expelled from the anus. At this time, the loach in the whole water rises to the surface to breathe, one after another, so the Western Europeans call it "climate fish". In winter, when the water body dries up, loach gets into the soil, relies on a small amount of water to keep the skin dry, and lives on intestinal breathing. In the next year, the water will rise and go out again.

泥鳅和龙虾能一起养吗 - Can loach and lobster be raised together?

Because loach has much higher tolerance to low dissolved oxygen than common fish, it has a longer survival time after leaving water. In a dry barrel, loach larvae with a length of 4-5 centimeters can survive for one hour, while adults with a length of 12 centimeters can survive for six hours, and they can still move normally when they are put back into the water. Misgurnus anguillicaudatus mostly comes out at night to prey on plankton, aquatic insects, crustaceans, debris of aquatic higher plants, algae and so on. Sometimes it also takes humus or mud from the bottom of the water. Misgurnus anguillicaudatus is mature at the age of 2 winter. It begins to breed in April every year (water temperature 18 C). It lays eggs in shallow grasses with water depth less than 30 cm. The eggs produced adhere to the water grasses or drought grasses. The hatched larvae are often scattered and do not form groups.