去点痣后红印坑小妙招 – A little trick to get rid of nevus.



去点痣后红印坑小妙招 - A little trick to get rid of nevus.







去点痣后红印坑小妙招 - A little trick to get rid of nevus.






去点痣后红印坑小妙招 - A little trick to get rid of nevus.


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A lot of female friends found that they had left a red impression on their skin after they had mole. These red prints make our skin look smooth. So is there any way to remove it? In fact, for some friends who are easy to leave scars, it is very easy to leave scars after the point of moles. At this time, we need the best preventive work. Here are some tips for going to the red print pit after you have mole.

去点痣后红印坑小妙招 - A little trick to get rid of nevus.

Oral vitamin C:

Vitamin C has a whitening effect. Oral supplements can help to restore the color of the wound to its surrounding skin as soon as possible. At the same time, drinking more tomato juice can have a similar effect.

Attention to sunscreen:

Red prints are more or less due to pigment precipitation, after the point of mole friends should pay more attention to sun protection, go out to apply sunscreen sunscreen lotion and other products, reduce the chance of pigment precipitation.

Anti stimulant food:

Pepper, spices, etc. are more stimulating food, destructive to the growth of the skin, after the point of moles, try to eat light, as far as possible to give the skin a good rest.

去点痣后红印坑小妙招 - A little trick to get rid of nevus. coated with vitamin E:

Vitamin E has the effect of preventing skin oxidation, buy vitamin E small pellets back, puncture it, the oil inside the red mark to wipe, can prevent the red mark continues to deepen.

What I’ve described above is how to do with the red mark after the naevus? Everyone’s skin condition is different, their own physique is different, and the doctor’s technical level is not unsatisfactory, some people will pay attention to the red spot after the naevus. Once you have red dots to remove is very troublesome, so here to remind you to want to point moles or to go to a regular hospital, after the point of moles to do a good job of care, do not pay attention to red dots.

The nevus on the skin can be removed most of the nevus, but if the choice of method is not correct, or do not pay attention to care after the point of nevus, it may affect the effect of the point of nevus, the phenomenon of scarring. In particular, those with physical defects are advised to tell the doctor before they can get a scar. In addition, no matter which method you choose, you must pay attention to some taboos before and after the nevus, such as cosmetics can not be wiped, at the same time after the nevus to do a good job of sun protection, in the point of the nevus before the crust exfoliation to follow the doctor’s advice to smear antibiotic ointment, so as to ensure the effect.

For point nevus, point nevus after eschar removal will leave a red mark, but this red mark will disappear with the metabolism of the skin fade, and the specific length of time will disappear, depending on the physique of each person, generally if point nevus is successful, there is a red mark before recovery is normal, but if there is a phenomenon of red mark blackening Then we should pay attention to, it may be that the nevus is not a bit clean, so after the emergence of red marks will slowly appear black spots or black marks, of course, it may also be because the red marks did not fade before the care is not good, such as exposure to the wound, this will also lead to red print blackening, pigmentation.

去点痣后红印坑小妙招 - A little trick to get rid of nevus.

Above is the reason that the red mark turns black after the point mole, the main consideration is the pigmentation caused by improper care, so for this situation can be done from the nursing, eat more or use some whitening effect of food or skin care products, may make melanin fade slowly, so as to restore white skin.

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